"At a difficult time we found that Joy’s counselling made all the difference when it came to taking stock and getting perspective. Seeing Joy was the pivotal point in turning my marriage around having tried for so long to swim against the tide of work, family and external pressure that were slowly destroying it. She was able to help me understand that we could work things out, understand each other better and helped guide us with simple techniques and patience to remind us that what we had was worth fighting for."


"I was skeptical at first about approaching Joy, especially since it was lockdown and it meant that the sessions would be over a screen. However I realised quickly that I almost preferred it as I could be in my own space and it was easier for me to schedule time for sessions. Joy put me at ease instantly, and I felt completely comfortable sharing my thoughts and experiences with her. She helped me grow in confidence and resolve issues I needed to and even some I didn’t even know were there. I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone who felt they could gain from her knowledge. I’m so happy that I contacted her. What a brilliant and life changing experience!"


“Thank you Joy for being such a supportive and useful guide on my journey to becoming a stronger person. You have helped me shed the onion layers of misinterpretation and self-doubt that had accumulated over my lifetime and I’m now feeling much freer to be me. I thought the pandemic would put our sessions on hold as I never liked the telephone and was resistant to Skype or Zoom. But our phone sessions worked well for me and I never doubted that you were there for me. Your calm and reassuring voice told me you could still hear the nuances, even over the phone.

In the past, when I didn’t like the phone it was because I couldn’t read the face of the person I was talking with and so I didn’t know if I could trust their words. This didn’t happen in our sessions and you have enabled me to move on to a place where the important thing is to trust myself. Thank you. ” 


“I found Joy put me at ease from my first call of help to her. Her counselling has helped me move forward with my life immensely. I found her able to help me talk about things I thought I would never be able to say out loud. I still carry with me things that she helped me to learn, and found the whole process although at times sad, ultimately uplifting.”


“I came to Joy during a crisis in my marriage. The crisis developed from a situation in which there had been years of confusion, poor communication and deception of self and others. This left me with little sense of myself as an individual with an identity and boundaries. One recurring theme that came up in my discussions with Joy was that of ‘voice’. I literally felt that I had no voice. Words would come out but I didn’t recognise them as my own because I had no sense of what was genuine and real, of who I was. For me, Joy’s special skill was, through warmth and positive regard, to hear me and value what I had to say. Whether I was distressed, flippant, resistant or receptive, she helped me to begin a process of listening to myself. I began to make connections, to have a sense of my values and what is important to me. Joy has a wealth of life experience and skills to help to untangle those areas which are resistant to exploration. She helped me to understand that I have the power to make choices in my life. When I began seeing Joy I believed that there was one correct ‘socially sanctioned’ choice that I had somehow to discover. Through seeing her, I thought, I would uncover ‘the truth’ about the situation I was in and my choice would then become clear. Excitingly ( and dauntingly) life isn’t a simple as that. Joy helped me along the path of greater self understanding which is the only basis upon which I could begin the process of making decisions which are right for me.”


“I turned to Joy at a very traumatic time in my life. I had recognised that I needed some help to explore who I was and what I wanted for myself and my life. Through the work that I did with Joy I began on a Journey to find the real me, and to discover what had held me back up to that point. Joy was the perfect therapist for me. At that time I needed a true friend. Friends are honest to you, they challenge you, they inspire you and support you towards being happy. They never judge, they never assume, and they only have your best interests in everything they do. That is what Joy had to offer me when I most needed it. Her professionalism as a therapist coupled with her deep humanity made a huge difference to me. Joy helped me to realise that the true friend we all look for and need is the one within ourselves, and that it is the best gift that you will ever allow yourself to receive. If you are looking for a therapist to support you, even if you have never done it before, please go and see Joy, she will help you find the real you”


“I have had a life long sexual dilemma which I could not cope with any more. I was feeling desperate and did not know which way to turn so I decided to find a local therapist and browsed the internet where I found Joy whose CV was very impressive. From the very start she made it very easy for me to discuss what I consider to be a very embarrassing problem. Something I had never ever discussed with anyone; not even my wife. Her professionalism has enabled me to unburden myself and with her advice and counselling, in which my wife became involved, she was able to give me a sense of hope with a positive direction. I know that if I have negative times again I have someone I can trust, who will listen to me without judgement. Joy, thanks for everything.”


“My partner & I approached Joy for couples counselling as we were having difficulty communicating clearly. Joy provided us with several strategies for better communication and we found this to be really helpful. Overall our experience was very good as Joy is very professional and experienced and keeps very clear boundaries. We had several sessions and found that in the end we were communicating more clearly and were much happier with how our relationship is. So much so that we committed to a Civil partnership shortly after completing our course of counselling. All in all an excellent experience. Thanks again Joy, our time with you really did make a difference.”

C & N

“Joy helped me to see things more clearly during a very difficult time of my life. I felt very safe with her and was comfortable to trust her immediately.”


“I came to Joy at a very challenging time during my divorce. I found her to be both supportive and insightful and able to help me look at some of my problems in a new and challenging manner. I would heartily recommend her as a counsellor.”


”Visiting Joy was a tough decision to make but turned out to be a very right one. Sometimes it is hard to admit that your relationship or sex life are not quite as they should be but Joy listened to us in a non-judgmental way and helped us to understand the deeper issues that were affecting how we were as a couple, enabling us to resolve them and move forward in our relationship.”

H & D

Joy has helped us to connect to each other and we are now experiencing a closeness which was missing for a long time. Joy has a very warm personality who helped immensely to create a warm and comforting environment, creating a safe place to re-adjust our relationship with her highly professional and empathic guidance. She is a true “marriage mender”.

M & D

“At a difficult time we found that Joy’s counselling made all the difference when it came to taking stock and getting perspective. She helped us bridge the gap and reconnect. Thank you Joy.”

J & H

“The counselling has helped me to see that our sexual problem is not unusual and it’s nothing to be ashamed of. Just talking it through with Joy has removed a big weight off my shoulder, which I had been carrying around for a long, long time.”


“I think that our sessions really helped me to understand myself a bit better – thank you for this!”


“We want to thank you very much for your help over the past weeks and months. You have been a great help to us through our relationship difficulties and we greatly appreciate the time and effort you have given us.”

M & C

“Joy has a very compassionate and caring approach which helped me to address my problems and illness of sex addiction. I felt that the balance was just right in having a therapist who could listen in a friendly and non-judgemental way, enabling me to think about what I was experiencing from a different perspective. My confidence and self-worth grew back by having someone to work with and support me to take back control of my life. Although I have more work to do to ensure my long term recovery from the affliction and illness with which I suffered for many years. I am confident that Joy can help you address your challenges in life.”