Psychosexual therapy

Psychosexual therapy is the process of addressing both sexual and relationship issues on either an individual or couple basis. I have experience in dealing with issues including erectile dysfunction, ejaculatory control, loss of desire, mis-matched desire in couples, vaginismus, inability to achieve an orgasm, painful sex, addiction or obsession with sexual stimuli, a history of sexual abuse, or negative childhood images about sex.

This is always a ‘talking therapy’. No undressing or sexual touching is ever considered appropriate in the therapy room. Behavioural tasks involving any sensual/sexual activity, when suggested, are done as ‘homework’ in privacy.

Talking about sex can be embarrassing and awkward for many people,  but I hope that my open, friendly and gentle approach will help you to feel more comfortable with intimate discussions.  A sex therapy program is tailored to each individual’s needs, but typically involves a combination of detailed history taking, along with behavioural tasks, exercises and ‘experiments’ to learn ways to overcome blocks and couple incompatibilities, and to be more in touch with your senses and your body.

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