Privacy Notice: Conforming to the 2018 General Data Protection

Regulation (GDPR)

This is to inform you that your contact details and notes are kept solely for the purposes of our counselling work together and to meet my professional obligations as a professional member of BACP and COSRT. These may be manual notes and documents kept in a secure place or electronic documents (including emails) kept securely on a password protected computer.

In line with the general confidentiality and privacy of our work, no information will be shared with other people except with my supervisors.  My professional executor, also a therapist, will receive your contact details only in the event of my incapacitation or death. In very exceptional ethical or legal circumstance it may be necessary to give information to relevant authorities, virtually always informing you and exploring the circumstances. Saying that, in my many years of experience as a therapist,  such disclosure has never been necessary.

You have the right to access any information and notes within one month of making a request. There is no charge for this.

I will erase any information and notes 7 years after the end of our work together (Contract and Civil Law Statute of Limitation requires they be kept for this time).