In-person sessions

If you are more or less local to Sandgate, Kent, this will give you the opportunity to come along in-person for your sessions. I am located right by the sea, and find that the sea air itself can be very therapeutic for clearing your head and finding your resilience, both before and after your session.

The consulting room is quiet, warm and welcoming with comfy chairs. A space hopefully you will feel comfortable and safe in.

If any of us is with a cold or anything else contagious, for safety’s sake, I ask that we move the session to zoom instead, or that we reschedule.


On-line sessions

Working online has, to my surprise, become a very effective and intimate way to hold sessions. This requires you to have a reasonably good wifi connection and a suitable private and quiet space without interruption, but understandably this can sometimes be a challenge at home. Cats and/or dogs welcome if you wish, providing they can keep confidentiality!

If we are doing the session via Zoom, I will send you a link via email the day before our session, for you to click on. If Skype or FaceTime, I will confirm details with you the day before as well, via text message. I will be there a few minutes early for our first video session, just to check all is working and that we can see and hear each other. If there is a hiccup I will phone you to see if we can sort it out.

Please experiment with a way to arrange your screen at the right level (not hand held) so you can see it easily. Don’t sit with a light behind you or you will appear like a silhouette. There should be good lighting on your face if you can manage that.

If you are a couple sitting together, you will need to distance a little further from the screen than for normal one to one sessions, and of course, sit a bit closer to each other than in my session room.
To duplicate in-person sessions as much as possible, please be prepared with a box of tissues and a glass of water!

As per BACP ethical guidelines, I will not record our session, and I ask that you don’t either.

Session Fees

Fees reflect my experience, qualifications and specialisms and are comparable to what other similarly experienced therapists charge locally.

One hour solo sessions
75 minute on-going couple sessions
One- off 90 minute initial couple assessment

I offer a limited number of clients reduced rates, depending on your circumstances. There is also the option of having regular weekly or fortnightly sessions. Typically, my clients choose to start with weekly sessions, and then after a settling-in period of a few weeks, continue with fortnightly sessions. But my services and their arrangements are bespoke, depending on your own circumstances. In that regard, I endeavour to accommodate shift workers on a more flexible basis, and offer ‘M.O.T.’ occasional couple sessions, if desired, after concluding our body of work together.

Looking Closer